Pumpcon 2003

October 24th - 26th Philadelphia, PA

Please submit a brief (50 words or less) abstract on what you want to talk about. I realize that many of those being e-mailed have lost their .com job over the past year, so this is the perfect opportunity to inform everyone about all those dirty little coding secrets that have been kept locked away because of non-disclosure agreements.
All abstracts should be sent to javaman@ghetto.org, who will then forward them to the rest of the team.

If there is enough interest, we'll have another Pumpcon Shootout at the target range.

Just like last year....
Please, for the love of God, if you have the overwhelming urge to beat the shit out of each other, don't do it (1) - in sight of the police station, and (2) - in the hotel. Use some common sense!

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